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Last update: 12.04.2024

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Healthier Together App

Co-designed by Healthcare Professionals and parents in Wessex, Oxfordshire parents and carers can benefit from this easy to use self-triage tool when they are seeking a healthcare consultation for their child. Parents will be taken through red and amber symptoms or signs for the condition they are concerned about. 70% of children will have no red or amber symptoms and the families will be provided with self-care information as well as safety netting guidance. If children have red features, they will be signposted to their nearest Emergency (A&E) Department or 999. For children with amber features, they will be signposted to their GP practice (or NHS 111 or 111 online out of hours). For GP practices that have onboarded with the app, these parents will be able to send message directly to the practice with information about their child's symptoms and signs. The availability of this functionality is likely to encourage parents to use the app, with the majority being reassured enough to no longer seek a consultation by the information provided within the app. For practices wishing to onboard with the app, click here

Local support services

There is a wealth of support services in Oxfordshire to support the health and wellbeing of children, young people and their families and these are listed on our local services page. We recommend using the 'service use' filter to find the relevant resources you are looking for. Please use the feedback form to let us know of any missing services.

New Primary Care Pathway for Acute Wheeze in children over 2 years

This has now been approved by BOB ICB, meaning that GP practices can refer directly to Hospital at Home, as well as to Oxford University Hospitals. It uses a traffic light system to direct patients to the optimal level of care. Please refer to this when discussing potential hospital referrals with wheeze. The pathway is available in the Professionals section of this site, together with the Bronchiolitis and Gastroenteritis pathways.

Key messages: The pathway refers to children aged >2 years with wheeze. If aged under 2 years, use the Bronchiolitis pathway, even if an inhaler is needed. The Children’s Community Nursing Hospital@Home team prefer wheeze referrals to be made in the mornings, so they have time to work with families before the end of the day. Afternoon referrals are unlikely to be accepted.